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Using a Secured Loan to avoid an Arrangement

We looked into a recent case study where a client found the solution to their credit issues within a secured loan

Review the below example

Situation: The customers were looking to clear £24,000 in credit card debts. The customers were only making minimum payments and beginning to struggle, so wanted to avoid making arrangements with their creditors.

Problem: There were some recent missed payments on the outstanding credit; the customers informed us that this was due to them struggling with high outgoings, as they were only making the minimum payments on their credit cards.

Solution: For budgeting purposes, we were able to source a 5 year fixed term to consolidate all their credit card debts. This was taken over a total of 10 years and was able to save the customers over £350 per month. Prior to the loan, the customers were only making the minimum payments on their credit cards, so by clearing these, we’re putting them in a position to help build up their credit score that has been damaged by their increasing level of debt.  The advice given was in the best interest of the clients after taking all their circumstances into account.


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