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Please click below for the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find the information you need, call us on 01709 321 665 and one of our Broker Account Managers will be happy to help.

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How do I submit a deal?

You will need to register with us to submit applications.

Once you are registered and your account has been verified by the compliance department (within 24 hours) you will be able to log in and use the online forms to submit applications.

If you have any questions during the submissions process please contact the broker team.

For Secured loans we can contact your client to complete the application or you can complete a full application on an advised basis. Please see our Advise page for more information.

For mortgage applications, we will need to conduct the advised sale and so you will only need to fill in a short application form. We will complete the application and fact find directly with your client.

For unsecured loans you can fill in a full application; however we will need to contact your client directly to complete Data Protection scripts with them. For more information see our Loans page.

How do I know what’s going on with my applications?

When you log in, you can view notes left by the underwriters on the Case Tracking Report. You will be notified by email or text message when the CRM leaves a note on the case. You can view these updates by clicking ‘Notes’ on this report.

If you can’t see the notes or would like more information, please call the broker team on 01709 321 665 or click the small envelope icon on the report to send an email to the team, who will get the latest update for you and contact you to let you know what is happening.

How much commission will I get?

The amount of commission paid to you will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • Whether you are directly authorised or part of a network such as Tenet Group
  • Whether you advise on the case yourself or introduce only
  • The loan size.

If you would like an approximate quote on how much you will earn on a loan enquiry please contact the broker team on 01709 321 665.

When will I get paid?

Directly authorised brokers will receive their commission within 48 working hours of loan completion.

Appointed reps of Tenet will be paid commission via the network. Any advice fees we have added to the loan will be paid directly to the broker.

Mortgage commissions are paid once the broker fee has been paid to us, usually between 7 and 14 days of the mortgage completion.

Unsecured loan commissions will be paid within 48 hours of completion or at the end of each calendar month depending on the lender.

I’d like a training session on how to use your systems. Can someone come to my office?

Yes. We have three Broker Account Managers who can come to your office and talk you through the system, help you submit any cases you may have and answer all your queries. If you would like to arrange a visit, please call the team now.

Can I give the advice to my clients and still use Norton?

Yes. We offer a Packaging Service whereby you can give advice to your customers but still have access to our panel of secured lenders and huge range of products. Norton will liaise with the lenders and collect all documents by working with you. The Customer Relations Manager (CRM) handling the case will not contact your client at any time, meaning you keep full control over the advice.

When submitting your cases via the packaging service, please select “Secured Loan (Advice by yourself)” from the applications menu on the website. You will need to attach our I&E form and an Evidence of Research document at the end of the application. The EOR form can be generated using our sourcing system Quick Quote.

Please contact the broker team if you would like to use our Packaging service as we will need you to sign a Terms and Conditions document. We will also need to send through the relevant documents.

For more information please see the Advise page.

If I am advising, how do I source a deal?

We have a sourcing system on our website called Quick Quote. This is linked to sourcing software from 27Tec and is regularly updated with all our lender criteria from our full panel of second charge lenders. From this you can generate an indicative quote*, an Evidence of Research document and a standard ESIS to pass to your clients when giving advice.

*Please note to get an accurate quote you will need to submit a full application to Norton.

Do you offer insurance products (e.g. life insurance etc) when processing my leads?

No. We do not cross sell, as we are aware that many of our brokers have connections with companies who offer these products and for this reason we do not offer any kind of cover to your customers.

When will my client be called?

Our dialler system ensures that your clients are called within 20 minutes of the application being created, if we need to take any information further to what you have provided. The contact centre staff are in the office until 9pm and a small team are present between 10am and 2pm on Saturdays.

If you submit a full application, your client will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss the options we have available.

If you submit an application thorough our Packaging service, we will not contact your client at any time. Once we have sourced a product the CRM will contact you to let you know what is available to your client.

Do I need FCA permissions to register with Norton and introduce cases?

As a minimum we require our introducers to hold Credit Broking permissions with the FCA.

Alternatively Appointed Representatives of financial networks will need to check this. The network may have a restriction on which master brokers can be used by their AR’s. Norton Broker Services are approved partners of Tenet Group.

We also require our introducers to provide a Data Protection licence number on registration. For more information on this please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

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