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COVID-19 Update

A quick update following the Government's advice and recent events

Hope you’re all coping well. Just a quick reminder that we’re still business as usual (just in a different setting as we’re working from home).

We’ve had to make a temporary change to our call centre, meaning that we currently cannot accept any non-homeowner leads; so, we please ask that you only submit homeowner leads at this time. If you do submit any non-homeowner leads, they will not be contacted until this section of the company is back up and running.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01709 321665.

Our mobile numbers, should you need them, are:

Jimmy Allen – 07773 759153
Eddie Lau – 07943 984431
Joanne Pickles - 07533 840753

We’ll keep you updated of any further changes.

The Norton Broker Services Team


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