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Norton Broker Services partner with new short-term lender StreamBank

Sonny Gosai

06 October 2023

Norton Broker Services has been appointed to the panel of StreamBank, assisting the new bridging and development finance lender with its launch into the regulated bridging market.

Norton Broker Services partner with new short-term lender StreamBank

StreamBank is a new specialist bank, having been granted full authorisation in February of this year.

It will provide a range of short to medium-term funding solutions initially in bridging and development finance, together with commercial mortgages.

Roz Cawood, managing director of property finance at StreamBank, said: “Designing a market leading regulated bridging product was top of our agenda when we were creating the Bank. However, rather than build the product in isolation we enrolled the help of our closest brokers to help improve our process and explain what levels of service they and their customers demand. Norton’s insight was extremely valuable in building out our use of technology and the services we offer from our professional partners.

“We are now confident we have a product that offers brokers and customers a great price, alongside a quick and easy process, that will allow us to cement our reputation as the go-to lender for regulated bridging.”

Sonny Gosai, senior sales & development manager at Norton Broker Services, added: “At Norton Broker Services, we know how important it is to work in close partnership with lenders to help secure the best outcomes for our brokers and their clients. This approach is vital on individual cases, but it often starts earlier than that, during the proposition development process.

“Having worked closely with StreamBank during its pilot, we’re excited about the launch of this new lender and already have loan completions with them. We’re really happy to be one of a small number of specialist distributors able to give brokers access to StreamBank.”

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Norton Broker Services partner with new short-term lender StreamBank

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