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Consolidating debts for a Self-Employed Customer – A Case Study

This customer was looking to consolidate his credit cards, but his employment status could cause an issue.

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Situation: The customer was looking for £60,000 to consolidate their existing credit cards and overdraft. The credit cards were on a 0% interest rate when the customer applied for the loan, but were about to go on to high interest rates. The customer had been self-employed for 2 years and said they had 2 years’ accounts, plus rental income.

Problem: Initially, a lender was selected, but the income didn’t fit as the most recent SA302 only showed dividends. Our Customer Relations Manager (CRM) needed a lender that would use a projection from the accountant, but the introducing broker had already tried a few, severely cutting our options.

Solution: We had one remaining option on our panel for the customer, who were happy to accept a projection. The CRM referred the case over to the lender before promising the customer anything and the lender was happy to take a look at the case based on the information provided.

The customer wanted the cheapest possible option and we were able to secure a product that was well under the customer’s monthly budget. This meant the customer could pay off his cards before starting to pay an interest that was double the rate that our CRM got for the customer, which meant he could save money in the long run.


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