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New lower rate at Norton Broker Services

New lower rates available at Norton Broker Services

If you’re looking to place a case, get in touch with Norton Broker Services, we’re dedicated to helping you and your clients.

We’re pleased to announce that we have access to a new lower competitive rate of 3.88% for secured loans. So, we’re looking forward to helping our brokers get their clients even better deals.

We have a panel of 19 secured lenders, so we can offer options for a wide range of solutions for varying customer situations. A secured loan can be used for any legal purpose such as home improvements, consolidation or paying a tax bill. It’s also a great alternative for your clients who don’t want to or have been unable to get a good deal on a remortgage.

So, if you’re looking to place a case for one of your clients and want access to our competitive rates and wide range of products, get in touch with the broker team on 01709 321665.


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