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Since the introduction of the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) in 2016, mortgage brokers have had to change the way they work when it comes to secured loans. They don’t have to offer a secured loan, but if they do, they must give advice on the loan, or refer to a company such as Norton.

We offer our brokers two routes of submitting cases to us: they can submit and our qualified Customer Relations Managers (CRMs) will source the deal and provide the advice; or, brokers can submit the case, source the product and provide the customer with the advice, and we’ll package the deal.

Whichever route you decide is best for you and your clients, you can be assured that your cases are being handled by the experts; our CRMs have an average length of service of 10 years, so your clients are in experienced hands.

We can provide you with updates throughout the process and will do everything we can to find the solution your client is looking for.

If you have any questions about either process, please call us on 01709 321665, or use the Contact Us page above.

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