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Since the introduction of the Mortgage Credit Directive in 2016, mortgage brokers have been offered different routes for selling second charge (secured) loans.

The Financial Conduct Authority has offered three options to brokers:

  1. Advise on secured loans to retain your independent and “whole of market” status
  2. Include Secured Loans in your Scope of Service, but refer those clients to a company such as Norton for advice and packaging. You will not be able to class yourself as independent or whole of market if you do this.
  3. Do not include secured loans in your scope of service.

At Norton Broker Services, we are offering our FCA Registered brokers the option to give advice or introduce.

For more information about this, please visit the FCA website.

Advice given by yourself

If you have any questions about the packaging service, please call the broker team on 01709 321 665.

Introduce (advice given by a Norton Customer Relations Manager)

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